Jetson Nano Developer Kit Desktop system corruption

If the desktop system is not entered after the system is started, press ctrl+alt+f2 to enter the tty2 terminal for a series of operations. How can I solve this problem?

Not sure about the query. Are you able to observe the issue on Jetson Nano developer kit? If yes, please share the steps and we can give it a try.

You should see the most recent Xorg log file from “ls -ltr /var/log/Xorg.*.log | tail -n 1”. Attach a copy of that file to the forum. You’re describing the GUI not working, but otherwise booting ok. You might also consider attaching a full serial console boot log; if you can’t get that, then perhaps the dmesg log. Networking should be ok so you could use scp to copy to another computer if no serial console is available (serial console can directly run on the other Linux system and log the session, so that content is convenient in that case).

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