Jetson nano developer kit ubuntu splash screen


How can i change the ubunto splash logo (nvidia logo) with my own on a jetson nano developer kit?

Thank you.

Sorry that currently there is no official tool for updating splash logo.
This is a known issue and we already pushed this to internal system to see if we can release it.


I have managed to change the boot logo to my own, with this thread instructions:

However, that only changes the boot logo, not the splash logo. That one remains the nvidia logo.

I have tried messing with plymouth, but it looks like you are not using plymouth, everything i do seems to have no effect.

Also i can’t seem to find where is the logo file located.

Thank you.

Hi pml,

Sorry that if you mean the logo after kernel is up, then the png file is under /ush/share/backgrounds/NVIDIA_Logo.png.

Thank you!

Hello pml,

Have you found a way to replace the splash screen with a custom one ? I have successfully replaced the boot logo with a custom one using the link you provided. However, simply replacing the png file in /usr/share/background is not changing the splash logo. Any solutions to this ?