Jetson nano devkit flash DTB, revert to the default when power off and on. jetpack4.3 only

I am porting our camera module driver to jetson nano A02, Jetpack 4.3.
I build the dtb file, copy it to $L4T_DIR/kernel/dtb/,and then run this command:
sudo ./ -r -k DTB jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1

It works fine. But once I power off Jetson nano and power on again. The dtb will revert to default.

This is cmd works fine on jetpack4.2.2, but have problem on jetpack4.3. I checked the L4T docs,and find no method.
By the way, this method worked on jetson nano b01.

Question 2:
I use this cmd to create SD card image:
cd tools;sudo ./ -o sd-blob.img -b jetson-nano -s 8G -r 300/200
and then flash the image to SD card.
The first time jetson nano A02/B01 boot up, it use the dtb I compiled. Once power off and on again, It will revert to default dtb again!

Please help me. Thanks!