Jetson Nano devkit gpio78 pin not going to 0v

We are trying to use gpio78 as a gpio output pin. We have it setup through sysfs and on this jetson nano, the output doesn’t go to 0.0v

In this trace we were doing:

echo 0 >>  /sys/class/gpio/gpio78/value

Everytime we run the command, the output voltage dips to 1.5v but the value immediately shoots back up to 2.9v (without even doing echo 1)

We tried this on another jetson nano with the same linux version/device tree and it goes to 0.0v just fine.

What could this be? There is no load connected when doing this test on either the good/bad jetson.

Are you testing on devkit or custom board? What’s the pin number of GPIO78? Have you checked the circuit/component on this pin on carrier board to make sure if any hardware issue exists?

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