Jetson Nano DevKit v1 vs. Production Module

we’re using a DevKit Nano and designing a carrier board for the Production Module.
Despite following documentation that it is supposed to be adequate for the new Production Module and Xavier NX, we are very worried about compatibility.

What are the electrical and mechanical differenced between the Nano in the DevKit and the production module?
Apart from the obvious eMMC absence in the DevKit version.

Can we just plug the “old” devkit-version Nano in the fantomatic “new” devkit when it will become available?
Can we put the old Nano in our new design carrier board?

Looking forward to an in-depht answer on this important matter.

Best Regards.

Hi, in simple words, the old devkit is incompatible to production module. There are some design changes and even the pin list is different between devkit module and production module, so custom carrier board design should only follow current docs in DLC that are for production module. Devkit is just for sw development.