Jetson Nano Disconnects from WiFi and Never Reconnects

@WayneWWW Yes, I will get a device set up with AC8265 and will share the logs if/when it fails.

What do you mean by AP?

Not sure, but I think @WayneWWW meant ‘Access Point’.

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks @Honey_Patouceul

No, I have not used the same AP for all modules that I’ve tested with. Some of these modules were tested in other locations with different access points. However, I have tested each of the following on the same AP:

Yes, AP is for Access Point.
Also wonder is this a open AP or a secure one with something like WPA-2?

Actually, I don’t think all the modules you’ve tested on this list would hit the same issues (Reason 2 disconnection) on different AP. I mean, they may be all offline but the reason may be different.
It would be complicated to analyze such issues when using so many kinds of devices. Please focus on AC8265 first. If it hits any issue, share the log as previous comment.

If it is still the Reason 2 disconnection problem, try different access point and do the test on AC8265 again.


I’m seeing the same error messages (meaning the dmesg verbose shown above) in my jetson. These connection problems have appeared since I migrated to Ubuntu 20.04. Currently the release I have is 20.04.1. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? If so, any pointers as to how to solve it? My connection problems are the same either using WiFi or regular Ethernet connection.