Jetson Nano display problem

i used Sony TV as monitor, with pure HDMI cable and its work. But when i change to Gateway LCD monitor, that has no display and say “No Signal”. I checked the monitor, cable, port with my laptop and its all work. I also check SD card, power adapter but find nothing.How do i fix it?

Is the LCD monitor purely HDMI without any adapters?

I use VGA cable and VGA to HDMI adapter. I check the Jetson Nano and adapter at shop and its all work, their monitor display normally. I re-install the Jetson and its cant display on LCD monitor. Did i miss something when re-install?

VGA is not supported. This older format lacks a “DDC” wire, which is used for automatic configuration (this wire uses i2c protocol to send EDID data…the specs of the monitor). You’ll need to use a monitor which supports DDC/EDID, which means HDMI (or DisplayPort adapted to HDMI works too, but VGA is guaranteed to only work if you get lucky).