Jetson Nano Display Won't Show


I recently got a Jetson Nano and am trying to do a headless set up (using Ubuntu). I currently have a Mac M1. I flashed the Jetson SD card image to my SD card and put it in the Jetson. I used the Terminal to complete the login/setup part of the Jetson Nano. I thought I would get the Nvidia screen to pop up after I was done with all of this and logged in, however, after logging in nothing happens. The Nvidia display won’t show and I’m still seeing the Ubuntu display. On my Jetson, the green Led is on (after I connect my computer to it via the micro-USB), and I am also using an HDMI connection to connect the Jetson to my computer. Could someone assist me in getting the Display to show up?


I’m not sure about what you are referring to with this.
So do you get anything on the monitor or not?

Might not be the same problem, but what worked for me was turning the Nano on only after plugging in the monitor. If I turn on the Nano first and then plug in a screen, it won’t work.

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