Jetson Nano DK - SSD & Intel AX200 compatibility help

Hello there!

I come to know about Jetson Nano DK and referred several topics on SSD and Wi-Fi 6/6E compatibility with Nano DK as it’s not running on latest Linux kernel. I read the JetPack 4.5 release notes and roadmap on future support.

I am planning to get Nano DK from a nearby local micro center and would like to know on the below:

  • Does the current version of JetPack 4.5 support Intel AX200 by default or should I have to follow out of band steps to make it work?
  • Does the Nano DK support booting from external SSD. I understand that there is a M2 slot but that’s for Wi-Fi and not for SSD.

Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

We don’t whether specific device will work on nano or not. Please check with the vendor if they provide a driver that can compile and run on kernel 4.9 version.

And yes, Nano devkit does not have M.2 slot for m.2 ssd. You can try other device which is based on USB.

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