Jetson Nano does not boot up again in process of flashing nvidia modules into the nano

I was following through the steps to flash in nvidia available modules to the jetson nano after ive finished flashing the ubuntu OS image to a micro SD card.

I repeated tried to download the modules from cloud then to install into the nano through a micro USB cable. with each attempt i would need to clean my computers ubuntu to free disk space for dowloading and installing the modules into the nano.

On my last attempt, whilst flashing the nividia modules installation in, the nano is not able to start up again. Now even with the green LED light signal with power supply turns on, my HDMI screen would show nothing, the nano fans are silent, and i can’t even establish any form of network connection from my computer to the nano as if the nano was never turned on.

How can i turn on the nano again to establish some sort of network connection to the nano so that i can have some work done?