Jetson Nano does not boot up

Hi, I am following the jetson nano setup process. I have attached the power cord (usb to micro usb), ethernet cable, flashed sd card and the HDMI cable. However, the jetson nano is not booting up. I do however see the readme files in my D drive but I am unable to ssh connect to it as well. May I please request your help to let me know what I may be doing wrongly? Thanks.

The presence of the README says the system is probably fully up and running, but video can still be an issue. SSH will only work if you’ve completed the first boot account setup, but ping should work even without the account. SSH requires a login name, and default login names no longer exist. If you cannot see video, then this may be why you can’t complete first boot setup. However, you can probably still use serial console. See:

About the monitor…is it truly HDMI? VGA adapters will fail. Some monitors with odd formats will also fail even if HDMI. Describing more about the monitor details might help. Trying another monitor may also be useful.