Jetson Nano does not repond to mouse or keyboard

After I have tried to use xrdp and intalled some new packages, my jetson nano just stopped responding to my wired/wireless mice and keyboard. Could somebody help?

I’m on jetpack 4.5 btw

Also the there is power going through usb port because the mouse led lights up, but neither the mouse nor my keyboard work.

Any log from dmesg?

I just reflashed the system…

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If you still reproduce issue, records what you’ve installed this time.

An added note to the list of what was performed (should you try to install the software again) as mentioned by @WayneWWW: If you add packages via the “apt” mechanism, then you can record the list of all packages changed via the “tee” program. An example would be:
sudo apt-get install some_program | tee log_apt.txt
…then we could look at the exact package changes. Important because if one of the packages is related to the X server itself, then this would likely overwrite what NVIDIA drivers use.