Jetson nano does not turn on

My nano a month did not use, today plugged in the power, screen does not have any display, reload system, replace the new power supply or no screen output, serial port can not print any data out, suspected is broken, how to return to the factory maintenance?

Can you try a new sd-card and flash the latest Jetpack release for Jetson Nano on it?

Yes, I tried two SD cards, two monitors to test, and the system was up-to-date, but it still didn’t show up, so I guessed it might have been a chip that broke.

Does the LED on devkit light up when you connect the power cable?

At first the light will light up, but it does not show, and then test a few times after the light went out, no response, I lost power, the power test 5V4A 5V2A in DC and usb power supply.

So I think, this situation can not even go back to the factory maintenance?

Then please RMA your device.