Jetson Nano doesn't boot up and maybe the system breakdown

Hi guys,
Need your help. Here is some problem.

A few weeks ago, the system was able to run and was operational.
Yesterday I ran a model and there might have been a power outage last night. When I came to see this morning, the system crashed and I could see the green log of “NVIDIA”, but I could not enter the system. Something went wrong and showed this:

[FAILED] failed to start hostname Service.

[FAILED] failed to start PHS daemon
[FAILED] failed to start Network Name Resolution.

What am I doing wrong?
Can you guys investigate it?

Is SD Card ok?
I use SD only like a bootloader and rest run from SSD 95% issue is done.

i have same problem
i change the sd card and reflash it but in for example 6th run this problem happend