Jetson Nano dual imx335 device-tree

we had tow imx335 Sensors working on the Jetson NX devkit now we wanted to use the Nano devkit.

On the Nano we get I2C for both sensors (Camo 0 and Cam1) and CSI for Cam0, unfortunately we don’t get a picture from the Cam1. We think it is a device-tree issue. The Cam1 of the NX and the Nano are both on the CSI 2 so they should be the same.
We looked at the Product Design Guide of the Nano, but could not really figure out how the camera id’s, channels, ports and CSI names match up with the device tree. Is there a reference how these match up?

I have added our .dts, could you take a look? Maybe we are missing something.
(upload://fvoaXnLbq1yuE1AMF7GgpIYwbdC.dts) (14.8 KB)

Manny thanks in advance.

I re uploaded the DTS file something must have gone wrong.

tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-b00-hdmi-dsi.dts (14.8 KB)

From I took a look at the device-tree and it seems that you are using the correct ports so far.
CSI A → port index 0
CSI C → port index 2
Have you confirmed that the second camera is available on the i2c port?
Does the driver correctly probe the device to make it available for capture?

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