Jetson Nano Ethernet Performance

Hello Experts,

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We would like to check the max ethernet throughput and reliability in Jetson Nano dev kit. Is there any testing tools and benchmarked params available to check the same

Hi techguyz,

You could use iperf utility for the ethernet throughout test.

Hi techguyz,

We are using iperf3 tools to test Ethernet performance.
Below is our internal test target data for you reference:

Ethernet Throughput (TCP Uplink) TCP-Uplink (MBps)        877 Mbits/sec
Ethernet Throughput (TCP Downlink) TCP-Downlink (MBps)    912 Mbits/sec
Ethernet Throughput (UDP Uplink) UDP-Uplink (MBps)        894 Mbits/sec
Ethernet Throughput (UDP Downlink) UDP-Downlink (MBps)    929 Mbits/sec