Jetson Nano failed to switch the ethernet

I am using the Jetson Nano product, first of all, I want to use a USB network card for TFTP communication, and select the corresponding driver in Make Menuconfig and finish the work. But after I turned off the USB bus, I wanted to use the wired network port that came with the original board for TFTP communication, and after starting the PCIe bus, it could no longer read my 8192 network card.


Sorry that there are some points that are not clear to me.

  1. What does that mean “turned off the USB bus”? Did you disable the whole usb function on the board?

  2. What does that mean “start the PCIe bus”? Do you enable some pcie controller?

I’m confused by something else in addition to what @WayneWWW asked: What would be the purpose of turning off any bus? This wouldn’t aid TFTP in any way. Normally, if you want to add some feature which requires a kernel edit, you would start by using an exact match to the running system (if it is a default system, then you can achieve this by setting CONFIG_LOCALVERSION to “-tegra”, and running “make tegra_defconfig”). Once matched, one would use a configuration editor (such as menuconfig or nconfig) to add that feature. It would be useful to know exactly what the purpose is for any of the kernel config changes.

  1. Turning off the USB bus means that in the interactive page of U-Boot, you can use the USB Start and USB Stop commands to turn on and off the use of the USB bus.
  2. Opening the PCIe bus means that the network card mounted on the PCIe bus cannot be used at the beginning in the interactive interface of U-boot, and “pci enum” must be used in the interactive page of U-Boot; This command to activate the PCIe bus.

Keep in mind that m.2 slots have different keys, and thus different specs, so in part it depends on the key. Some of them also have USB in addition to PCIe. Make sure your m.2 is not using USB.

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