Jetson Nano for KUKA RSI

Hey guys,

I have a project in which I’m supposed to create a small piece of hardware that allows me to override a robot path while in motion. For that I have to use the RobotSensorInterface by KUKA. The interface has the following requirements for a system to communicate with:

  1. real-time able operating system
  2. 10/100 Mbit full-duplex-mode communication
  3. TCP/IP
  4. XML-parser

I have a Nano available and I would like to use it, since there will be some machine-learning tasks later in that project.

Does it meet the requirements?
Which OS would you recommend?

Hi David, although the vanilla Ubuntu image isn’t realtime, you could technically install the Linux PREEMPT_RT kernel patch (see this post) for more info. Although it is unclear what “real-time able operating system” means from their requirements - perhaps it just means that your application is able to run the control loop fast enough. I suspect you can experiment with this and find out.

The other requirements shouldn’t be an issue. Good luck and keep us posted on your project!