Jetson Nano FRM PID names

We have one issue and question about Jetsons naming in FRM and flashing logs.
During massflash process we need to know what Jetson module have what name.
For example:

  1. 2 jetsons in FRM connected to same USB port throe hub with same info, except different ‘Device xxx’
# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 113: ID 0955:7f21 NVIDIA Corp. APX
Bus 001 Device 114: ID 0955:7f21 NVIDIA Corp. APX
  1. in flashing process we see different ‘device: a-b.c.e.f’ and ‘PID: yyyyyy’
# sudo /home/img/mfi_jetson-nano-devkit-emmc/
Start flashing device: 1-, PID: 338563
Start flashing device: 1-, PID: 338564
Ongoing processes: 338563 338564

If start flashing again, have anotherPID names.

  1. in flash logs we see files correspinding to format with ‘PID: yyyyyy’

How can we understand what ‘Device xxx’ correspond to ‘PID: yyyyyy’ ?
What is the logic for:
-generating devices names and converting to PIDs ?
-converting ‘Bus 001 Device 113’ to ‘device: 1-’ ?


PID is determined by the OS…
No logic behind this.

This stackoveflow page gives a great explanation:

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Thank you very much!

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