Jetson Nano frozen multiple times

I noticed Jetson Nano frozen multiple times very easily and I suspect 2 causes

  1. Does adding a Fan can improve it?
  2. Does changing the input supply from micro USB to Barrel Jack input can actually improve it?

Command to read the CPU temperature for Jetson nano?

I currently have hooked a HDMI screen, keyboard mouse, camera and USB Wifi Adapter

Please let me know


Hi karthikbalu.meng,

Run “sudo tegrastats” from terminal to keep an eye on the temperatures and power usage. See here for documentation on the tegrastats output:

What is running before the unit freezes? Which Micro USB power supply are you using? You might want to try one of the supplies from this post.

In the meantime, you can try putting the board into 5W mode to see if that improves the stability:

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 1

If it doesn’t freeze then, that would probably indicate a power supply issue (not delivering enough steady power).