Jetson Nano + Google Edge TPU

Background Information:

I have a jetson nano and I am looking into getting a Google Coral Enge TPU connected with the M.2 E-key interface. It appears to be compatible, but let me know if I am wrong. The drivers are supported by ARMv8. I am looking at using My Jetson Nano instead of a normal computer because I…

  • I have the Jetson Nano available
  • Low power requirements for the Nano

My question is as follows:

Do you think that the thermal output would be too hot and cause unnesicary throttling? I am looking into additionally getting the ice tower Jetson heatsink/ fan to cool the Nano, and is there additional a way to cool the card (thermal paste, heat pipes, laptop blower fans, etc.)underneath it paired with the development kit? Thanks for reading this all, I know it’s long!

On default developer kit, the slot is under the Jetson Nano module, so it may not be good for the card requiring thermal solution. Suggest check customer carrier boards from our partners:

We have not tried the card. If it follows the specs, it should work just fine.
We have verified that Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 card works.

It appears to be compatible. Upon later research, I can throttle it and I shouldn’t loose too much performance. Do you know how many PCIe lanes the connector offers? Thanks!