Jetson Nano "hangs" after initial setup screen

I have created a custom carrier board for Jetson Nano Production Module (with EMMC).
After flashing Jetson with updated devicetree and booting it I came across some issue.
After initial setup (where I set password, keyboard, timezone etc.) there is only ubuntu wallpaper on the screen and nothing is appearing. After resetting the board the initial setup shows again.
Where to look for a problem?
I tried it with different L4T releases, flashing was made using terminal.


What’s the L4T/JetPack version in use?
Would it happen if the module is plugged into a DevKit?

I’d suggest setting the user accounts before flashing like this:

sudo ./tools/ -u <username> -p<password>

After setting user account before flashing it worked!
Thank you very much :)

Probably it was some sort of a bug

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