Jetson Nano Hangs at Boot

I have used the Nano a couple of times already for some projects and everything was working fine.
Yesterday, I decided to use the Logitech C920, left the nano on overnight by accident, and came back to the UI having issues saving this script I was typing. I decided to restart the system only finding out that when it tries to boot, the last command it gets stuck on is “Started Update UTMP About System Runlevel Changes”.

I automatically switch to the barrel jack, uninstalled and installed the gnome-core, shell and session libraries and rebooted, of which I accessed with ctrl+alt+f2.

Not sure what to do next. Anyone have any prescriptive general solutions to a problem like this? I know it is widely experienced across other flavors of Linux as well.


No idea at this moment. Have you tried to reflash the board? or waiting for the update to finish (will it ?)