Jetson Nano Hangs at Boot


I have a problem on Jetson Nano,

I flashed latest version of jetpack via etcher and i install some tools like(ZED SDK Manager, Darknet etc.). At my last boot, the device terminal didn’t open and i reboot the device. Then i get the belowed message on boot screen.

[OK]Started update UTMP about system runlevel changes.

I’m using 5V,4A powersupply & 32GB Micro SD card

Also, I saw similar problem on forum.
Would you help me about that issue.


Do you install the tools after first boot up or just directly put the tools to sdcard?

I installed after boot. I used terminal for installing process.
For example i used belowed links and installation suggestions. They works clearly.

Additional information, when i press Alt+F4. i can reach terminal but i can’t reach GUI. And this is not first time for my problem, i got this error two or three times. Each time i reflashed the SD Card again.


Actually there are two ways to flash the sdcard

  1. Use etcher as your method
  2. Find a ubuntu host and then run sdkmanager to help install.

Does this issue happen on both case or only etcher?

Dear WayneWWW,

I tried only etcher but i think its not related to flashing method. Can i handle this issue via Alt+F2 terminal? Or do you have a suggestion without reflash process.
Because i dont want to lost my installations. It takes a lot of time.

Actually, many forum users report the first method (etcher) has problems and they resolve their issue after using sdkmanager. Before we find out the cause of this problem, I think you may try sdkmanager.

If you don’t want to reflash, maybe need to wait for our result.

We failed to reproduce this issue on our side.

Please also try the methods from ubuntu forum.