Jetson Nano Hardware Design Documentation

Perhaps, but an aluminum extrusion is going to beat graphene on price/performance for any kind of volume production. And, honestly, even for non-volume, given the manual lab fab needed for current technology.
The “graphene” heat sinks you’ll find from China are all thin coatings on aluminum or copper bases, which only get a small extra boost compared to the raw metal.

This is more about physical resilience and product aesthetics. This heat sink is monstrous. The Pine64 folks seem to be doing will with a hybrid model where they offer a full sized heatsink such as the one currently mounted to the Nano, in addition to graphene coupled options for slimmer form factor heatsinks. I am concerned about vibration for this, especially given the erratic behavior of the current dev board. I have to seat and reseat the SODIMM module on a couple of these Nanos just to get them to boot.

The heatsink on the devkit isn’t intended for end products and was sized to support passive cooling across a variety of ambient conditions and workloads. The production module doesn’t come with a heatsink and it’s indented for embedded designers to integrate their own cooling solutions that are appropriate for their application given the guidance from the Thermal Design Guide. For example for systems with limited cooling capability you could use 5W mode instead of 10W.

There’s an open source hardware version of the carrier in Altium from AntMicro: GitHub - antmicro/jetson-nano-baseboard: Antmicro's open hardware baseboard for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TX2 NX and Xavier NX

Hi I have part number 945-13450-0000-0000…is this the production version? Does the part number change as the pinouts change from initial board to production board? How to tell if I have production board?

Hi, I see no date on Dusty’s reply. I wonder if the Nano carrier board layout is released?

Hi elidavis, this is the version of the initial devkit, it doesn’t have same pinout as the commercial module. Later this year we’ll be releasing an updated version of the devkit (you will be able to tell from updated P/N), but it is not yet shipping. For more info, please see this thread:

For now, you can contact various Jetson ecosystem partners who are making carrier boards compatible with the commercial module or make your own design for it.

Hi davoodskj0t, you can find the schematics of a reference design for a commercial module carrier here:

Note that this design is differs from the initial devkit carrier board mention above, as this design is meant for the commercial module that has the updated pin-out.

Hi Dusty,
I believe I have the schematic downloaded. CADD asking for the Allegro layout for the carrier board. BTW, when you refer to commercial module, are you talking in terms of temperature. I am hoping this is for higher temp than commercial temp.

Is there a list of differences or does it matter?

By commercial module, I mean the production module that was recently released as announced in this thread.

For a discussion about the module operating temperature range, see this post:

there seems to be a BUG in the Excel Pinning list: CSI1_D0_N and CSI1_D0_P got the pad numbers 2 and 3 but should be 3 and 5. Can you please confirm this? The datasheet seems to be consistent with the Cadence project.

Thanks hartmut.scheffler, we are preparing an updated version of the pinmux spreadsheet which corrects this.

Are there ANY files in eagle formats (brd, sch, lib)?? I’ve been searching for hours and found nothing. I can’t work with OrCad files or Allegro files.

Hi Starbucksmonkey, I believe OrCAD and Allegro are the formats that we provide the design files in - perhaps there is a converter out there for Eagle?

Hi Jetson Nano Team,
Is there a schedule plan for releasing Jetson Nano Carrier board layout?

IF it is not available in coming days, any alternative you suggest us? for instance, TX2 layout can be referenced?

Hi yanger.tsai, it should be released soon for download, please stay tuned.

The updated design files have been posted, including the layout - download them from here:

Thanks for this - I noticed that this does not include a mechanical assembly drawing, unlike the TX1/2

Jetson_TX1_TX2_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Design_Files_B04 > P2597_B02_mechanical_assembly_drawing.pdf

Is a mechanical assembly drawing for the Jetson Nano carrier board available?

I need 675 _13541_batuu_dev_kit_top_ass file, can not be opened before download, from where I can find this file