Jetson Nano Hardware Issue

Dear NVIDIA Team,

We’ve procured 4 NVIDIA jetson nano board for our image processing based product development.

Some how in 2 from 4 boards are having some issues.

  1. Board 1 S/N - 1422419098089 is getting restart by itself after 10 minutes while other boards having same memory card are working good
  2. Board 2 S/N - 1422419067396 Ethernet port is not working from the first time

We have used 5V 4A power supply. Jetpack SD Card image used for flashing Operating System.

Question comes on reliability part as can we use NVIDIA Jetson Board as in our product or we shall go for some other alternative.

Hi krunal.sonparate,

The Jetson devkit is for developing, not for production purpose. Please refer to the FAQ:

For end product, you need to design your custom carrier board with the Jetson production module, all HW design filed can be found from download center -

For those board issues, please contact with our RMA -