Jetson Nano has slowed down and now occasionally freezes

First time I set it up, it was fast. I did some work on it and then packed it away for a month or so. Now after booting, it is super slow and sometime freezes. I have a 5V4A supply for it. I am using UHS II SD card which is one of the fastest I could find with 64GB Capacity. I simply can’t understand why this is happening. I appreciate any help.

Please run ‘sudo jetson_clocks’ to get max performance.
And also ‘sudo tegrastats’ to get system status. tegrastats is documented in:

One guess is that thermal mechanism slows the system performance. You may get further information in tegrastats.

would it be possible that the updates are the reason for this sluggish performance? should I only run the original image without updating?


So you upgrade the system to latest r32.3.1 and then observe the issue? From #1, it looks like you don’t do system upgrade. Just leave it there for a month and boot the system again. sudo jetson_clocks is to run Nano in max performance and you may give it a try.