[Jetson][Nano] HDMI blank screen when resume

Hi NV,
we used devkit with rel-32.6 image to do suspend/resume stress test,
after lots of time suspend/resume, sometimes screen blank when resume, as video in follow link:

between 2 “HDMI no signal” at 00:24 and 01:13, should show ubuntu desktop as the start of video,
please help to check this issue,

Check what is going on with /var/log/Xorg.0.log when the resume failed.

Hi Wayne,
Xorg.0.log is very short, I think you mean Xorg.1.log,
but I don’t see any error in Xorg.1.log,
I got the log when system resume and blank screen,
Xorg.0.log (19.5 KB)

Xorg.1.log (17.0 MB)


Since this log looks long in timestamp, please firstly narrow down your log to when the error happened.

Hi Wayne,
could you point which part in log show long in timestamp?
how to narrow down?

If the xorg log becomes separate files, it means the whole process to reproduce this issue takes long time.

Even the xorg.1.log has timestamp “318036”. Which means your whole process takes 3 days to reproduce this issue.

It is not possible for us to check such log. Please do your work first to clarify from what timestamp when this error happened.

Hi Wayne,
as I mentioned, we hit this issue when suspend/resume stress test,
that mean we do suspend/resume again and again and again,
and this issue happen when do lots of time suspend/resume,
that why timestamp is long,
system should stable event long timestamp,

Yes, I understand that. You are not only guy who doing stress test.

But we really don’t have time to help parse your log.

Could you just share the syslog, dmesg, xorg log when the error happened?

For example, I don’t need a log that generated 3 days ago. I just need that log when error happened.

Hi Wayne,
oh, maybe some mistake,
the symptom of this issue is HDMI sometime blank screen when resume,
stress still going, so system suspend again,
but it likely be fine when next time resume ,
the log was attached I got it when system resume and blank screen that time,
so I think you just need to analysis the last part log in the Xorg.1.log,

Please precisely point out in which period of timestamp do you want us to check.

Also, share the corresponding dmesg for that part.

Hi Wayne,
please help to check start about at 318033 that time resume,
kern.log (86.2 MB)

please clean up your log and only leave that iteration with error happened.

Hi Wayne,
as attachment,

Xorg.1_for_NV.log (1.6 KB)
kern_for_NV.log (12.0 KB)

Unfortunately, there is no error log shown in this part.

Will the HDMI still give out desktop in next suspension/resume? or it just be dead for good.

Hi Wayne,
yes, usually HDMI can output normally next time resume,

Hi Wayne,
I found something,
I saw Xorg process keep very high CPU usage(almost 100%) in TOP when resume,
so, I stop suspend/resume stress test,
Xorg process still occupied high CPU usage,
after about 5 minute idle,
Xorg process CPU usage down to about 80% and keep,
if run suspend/resume stress again,
CPU usage up to 100% again,
maybe it’s root cause,
any comment?

this case root cause maybe the same with follow case,

Hi Wayne,
any suggestion?