Jetson Nano heat performance In closed environment

I have a submarine project and I was thinking of adding Jetson Nano for object detection but I am a bit worried about the heat issues since I will be running it in a closed area with no air, So is Jetson Nano a good Choose for this task or should I find a deferment method?
note that the maximum time I will be running the GPUs is 30 minutes.

I couldn’t say, but is the submarine single hull? If so, is that hull metal where you could simply mount heat transfer straight to the hull? Or if it is double hull, could you mount it in contact with the ballast? FYI, there are several energy consumption models, one (which will be slow) draws only 5W. For some sort of performance you would end up drawing about 15W.

Please also refer to the Jetson Nano Thermal Design Guide