Jetson Nano heatsink Leafspring and Fasteners

I have a product with a custom heatsink designed to mount to the Jetson production module using the leafspring and fasteners for the stock Jetson Nano developer kit heatsink. The Jetson Nano supported components list says the part numbers are Readore 155-0713-000 (leafspring) and 155-0717-000 (screws). I require a larger quantity so am unable to order through auvidea.

I’ve attempted contacting Readore directly but it appears they have undergone a domain change ( is now and as a result the listed contact information is no-longer active. NVIDIA must be in contact with this company still if they are continuing to produce Jetson Nano developer kits - is any updated contact information available?

Others have enquired about production suppliers for these components seemingly unsuccessfully. If there is an alternate supplier that would also be fine.

We are checking it, will update once available, thanks.

Sent message to you, hope that will help.

Thank you @Trumany I received your private message. It would be nice for others to be able to find the answer but I understand not wanting to publish an email address or phone number on an open forum - for anyone else looking for this information, the email provided was the same as that found in the Supported Components List for the Jetson Nano for the 6.6mm standoffs, however there appears to be a mistake in the address listed (an extra letter l at the start which shouldn’t be there).