[jetson][nano] How to recover to use xorg

Hi NV,
we tried to use wayland and modified /etc/gdm3/custom.config,
WaylandEnable=false to WaylandEnable=true,
after reboot, we saw login screen was changed(as attachment),
but I modified it back to WaylandEnable=false and reboot,
login screen still use wayland, my questions as follow,
(1)how to modify xorg back?
(2)use wayland or xorg, looks like just use different login screen? after login, display show the same screen,
how to check it uses wayland or xorg?

about question(1) after suspend/resume, login screen is back to xorg,
so, it’s a bug? but I still not sure system uses wayland or xorg now,

Check the Xorg log and it shall tell.

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