Jetson Nano I2S Enabling on Docker with Jetpack 4.5.1

Good day,

I am interested in accessing an I2S audio device from a docker contained application. I am aware that the appropriate command to do this in the case of a camera would be --device = /dev/video* but I am unsure as to how an I2S device would appear under /dev after enabling it.

To clarify:

I am running Jetpack 4.5.1 on a Jetson Xavier NX
I have enabled the i2s peripheral via the (saved and rebooted)
I am launching a docker container and wish to give it access to the i2s device:

I am then typing into the command line ls /dev but am unsure which one is in fact the i2s device

Could anyone offer any advice please?

Best regards,

For audio device if should be /dev/audio*
Have a check if your device driver was probe from kernel message.

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