Jetson Nano /image_raw not found when using ros

Hi all,

I am using MindVision Camera (Ethernet Port) and found a ROS driver for it (GitHub - pixmoving-moveit/mv-camera-ros: MindVision camera driver).

The image from the camera can be detected by 1. roslaunch mv_camera_ros mv-camera-ros.launch 2. rqt_image_view . The camera image seems stored in the path /image_raw :

However, I want to use the image from camera for some livestream purpose (real-time inferencing the image) and I cannot really find the /image_raw file. For USB camera, a file (/dev/video0) will be generated automatically and it can be used for real-time inferencing via many methods (cv2; deepstream…). My camera is not USB but ethernet and hope can generate something similar via this ros driver and the file (/image_raw). Therefore, can someone helps to find out the real location of the /image_raw for real-time inferencing.

Thank you.

It would be better consult with the author for this code able to support what kind of camera first.

My camera can be used with the code and image can be seen from the ROS. I just want to know do anyone know where the exact directory of the /image_raw is. ROS can read that file (both rosrun rviz rviz and rqt_image_view can show it) but I cannot find it out.

Sorry I didn’t have experience for this tools. But suppose you should be able find in the the git source.

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