Jetson nano image with Ubuntu 16.04

We are working on ros librealsense which requires ros kinetic which requires Ubuntu 16.04. we wasted a lot of time trying to run it in docker and was unsuccessful. Is there any Ubuntu 16.04 image for jetson nano?

Hi, Ubuntu 18.04 is the officially supported version on all Jetson’s (Nano, TX1/TX2, and Xavier). Ubuntu 16.04 is already 3+ years old, but perhaps the community will release a port at some point.

It would also seem that other ROS users have been able to get RealSense working with ROS Melodic:

Is there a docker-based solution for this problem? I would also like to install librealsense inside a docker image on the Jetson Nano for ROS.

Sorry to be reviving this topic, but I think it’s the best place to post this and avoid unnecessary duplicates.
I am also facing a compatibility issue on the Nano because of lacking support of the DJI-OSDK advanced-sensing feature on Ubuntu 18.04. Have you @samxpi or anyone been able to solve these issues via docker? is there any ubuntu 16.04 based OS distribution for the nano that still maintains TensorRT/CUDA support? We’ve backed ourselves into a corner here and dji doesn’t seem to have 18.04 support on their roadmap anytime soon.