Jetson Nano in Headless mode -- Unable to detect Intel D435i

Hello -

After successfully building pyrealsense2 library natively on Jetson Nano, I wanted to run a basic python code to check for streams and I get ’ No device connected ’ error since then.

Even, rs-enumerate-devices command also did not result in my D435i connected to Jetson Nano.


I have tested this D435i connected to Windows, and it is fully functional!

When Jetson Nano has been booted into GUI mode (Ubuntu), the camera seems to be working also.

However, when Jetson Nano is booted into head-less (CLI mode), the camera stopped working (I mean, the error above). I have used the following command on Nano to enforce headless boot-up.

sudo systemctl set-default

Am I missing any background daemons / supported libraries like OpenGL etc when running Nano (Ubuntu) on CLI mode which is causing this error?


Please try to power-cycle the USB hub and check if it can be enumerated successfully.
[Jetson Nano]Power control

@DaneLLL - I followed the instructions and compiled/executed power_cycle and Nano rebooted (or, atleast my SSH connection dropped off).

rs-enumerate-devices still shows no device connected, after I re-login via SSH.

Any other tips you can suggest?

Do you see the device node /dev/videoX(0 or 1 or 2 …) generated?