Jetson Nano Inferencing to Mobile App

Hello, I am currently working on a project that requires the jetson nano to send its inferences over to a mobile app(react-native). I want to take a live image classification algorithm(not object detection) where an entire frame is categorized in a class from a webcam feed(v4l2 protocol). I want the results from the nano to be periodically updated every 5 seconds on the mobile app, and I would like the video feed to show as well. Please note that the user needs to see the results on the mobile phone as soon as possible(a low-latency option would be best). I would like to know the best tools to use for this implementation.
I would really appreciate any help!


Please check our Deepstream SDK first:

It can support RTSP input as well as Kafka, MQTT and AMQP message output.


Thanks so much! I will check it out!

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