Jetson Nano Intel AX200 (Wi-Fi 6) Ad-hoc mode

Hello. Greetings fellow Jetson Nano Forum users, I need your help.

I have successfully created an ad-hoc mode , Mesh Network using a Raspberry Pi before.

○ Hardware and software configuration

  • Wi-Fi 6 chip : Intel AX200

  • Jetson Linux Version : L4T 32.2 (July 2019)

  • Wifi Backport driver : You too can have a sub-$200 .11ax client

This time, I’m applying it to study the ad-hoc possibilities of Jetson Nano and Wi-Fi 6.

However, I found a difficulty during my research. As shown in Fig 1., I installed Wifi normally, but when I used the iwconfig command required for Ad-hoc mode, I found a problem that wlan0 was not recognized.

Besides, if I connect the IP directly after $ sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces in the terminal when checking Fig 2., the internet is not available when rebooting. There is no difficulty to install other batctl packages.

It is very important that wlan0 appears when using the iwconfig command, and I would also like bat0 to appear when using the ifconfig command.

Fig 1. Wi-Fi 6 connection, iwconfig command not available.

Fig 2. Internet connection errors when using a static IP

Please refer to below post to see if can help:
Jetson Nano apply Ebtables in intel AX200 - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thanks for letting me know. But I’m trying to apply Ebtable and things seem very different. Can you tell me another way? I hope there is a case of using Ad-hoc mode.

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