Jetson Nano Jetbot Chassis Laser Plans or CAD files

I am working on the Jetson Nano jetbot. I have bought all the hardware files. I saw that the chassis files were to be created by a 3d Printer. The chassis file would be a long print ~ 10 hrs. I think the chassis could be fabricated better with a laser cutter. Anyone know where I might access those CAD files. I will make a version for a laser cutter and share it with others. Thanks.

Hi tdubick, you can find CAD models for the JetBot here:


Thank you but those stl files are great for 3D printing are less great for CAD work or creating svg files for the laser cutter.

Thank Again,

I also have an IGES model that I could upload, is that good to use for your purposes?

lets try the IGES model and see if we can make it work

OK, here is the link to the JetBot IGES: