Jetson nano keeps turning off by itself

I have a jetson nano 4 Gb which keeps turning off by itself. It is running over jetpack 4.6 and trying to make it work with kinect v1 and v2

It got better after I did a nvpmodel -m 1 and also put a fan (one would think that it should come with one attached, they are so cheap!), but it is still highly unstable

For fan control I am using GitHub - Pyrestone/jetson-fan-ctl: Automagic fan control for the Nvidia Jetson Nano so it turns the fan on as soon as the nano boots

What is weirdest is you can hear the fan speeding up and slowering down slightly, which makes me think it could be a power problem

I am using a 5 v, 4 AMP PSU model SJ-05040028 by dixietree which should be enough? There is an extension cable between it and the barrel jack which perhaps it is too thin?

So it turns off mostly when the camera goes online, although strangely seem to work better at nights.


jtop lets you monitor power comsumption:

Sounds like you should remove the extesion cable.