Jetson nano & Kinect2 & YOLO darkflow model with depth data

Here is a link to a video of the Jetson nano using the Kinect2 to run YOLO darkflow with depth data extracted and added to the YOLO model results:

Github repo:


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Thanks for the sharing.
It is a fantastic work.

We also have an frameworks to accelerate and minimize the memory usage on Jetson, call TensorRT.
Do you have interest to update your work with TensorRT?
We can provide instruction and help if you want to.


Heck Yea
I have been struggling with converting to tensorRT. Any help would be appreciated.
I will be getting my new Kinect for azure on Monday. I want to get the nano and Kinect for azure together and make beautiful music. :)

I would like to stick to python. Any instructions using TensorRT with python would be awesome.