Jetson nano kit with px4

how are you
first i try to connect my px4 with jetson nano kit:
i try:
first i connect my jetson with my pc with ssh connecting
2 … i check my mission planner sitting:
i will send picture…
then i check ( sudo cat /dev/ttyTHS1) to check if nano and px4 in connection with telem2( picture 2)
then i install python3
then i install mavproxy( here the problem)
after i install i try run it …
i connect my px4 with mission planner (install in pc) with USB (picture3)
then i run and i see this(edited)

then I try connect with USB

any idea please

No experience of this device. I will let other users to share their experience.

Do make sure your connecting device uses 3.3V TTL logic level, and that unless you’ve set something else, that it is using the default setting of 115200 8N1 with only software flow control (no CTS/RTS).

Note that if you can run a terminal on a device (e.g., minicom or gtkterm), then if you short a UART’s own TX to its own RX you can run loopback mode (if CTS/RTS flow control is enabled, then you could short a UART’s own CTS to its own RTS as well for loopback). Typing in to the terminal would then echo what you type. If loopback mode works, then you know the UART is functioning, and any failure with two separate UARTs is likely from software settings and/or voltage levels.