Jetson Nano Live Feed Video Streaming on browser

Hello Guys,

We are relatively new to this and hope that the community can assist us on the issue we had. We are looking to stream live feed from CSI-2 onboard camera through http so that locally we can access the stream via browser. Also, using h265 encoding for the live stream. Are there any examples that we can use? Thanks in advance!

There is a post about http live streaming:

Also you may consider to use rtsp. There is an example:
Please refer to the posts and give it a try.


Thanks for the reply. Do you happened to know any example on RTSP using H265 encoding? the example test-launch i believe only takes in value for h264 right?

With ‘nvv4l2h265enc ! rtph265pay’, it run h265 encoding. You may check

Please note we are deprecating omx plugins. For omxh265enc in the example, please replace it with nvv4l2h265enc. For video decoding, please use nvv4l2decoder instead of omxh264dec/omxh265dec.