Jetson Nano Long run over heat

Hello Experts,

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I am using Jetson Nano developer kit in long run (almost 24 x 7) for OpenCV face recognition CNN with peripherals such as PC LCD screen, Mouse, Keypad, USB-WiFi Adapter, Ethernet being connected.

In long run usually after 30 Hours the system stalls while accessing it. Heat sink reads around 60 degree C while measured using IR thermal scanner.

Is it due to overheat or anyways to overcome the same ? We are planning to deploy it over the security applications where it should work reliably

Hi techguyz,

Have you tried with a fan for running the test to see if can improve?

Besides, the developer kit is used to develop and test software in a pre-production environment. Each Jetson developer kit includes a non-production specification Jetson module, and they are not for production use. Please design your custom carrier board and use production module for your product.

Please try DeepStream SDK as suggested in