Jetson Nano - Loose connectivity


I bought about 30 Jetson Nano for a professional use and they are all deployed on a local network.
However, for about 5 of them, the connectivity is very loose. I have between 30 and 70% of packet loss.
After multiple experiments (Remove all but one Jetsons / Change ethernet cable / Change SD Card), I suspect that the problem is specific to the Jetson Nanos, that may have a flawed ethernet port.

Did anyone ran into a similar issue ? How can I assess the problem with NVIDIA and repair the Jetson Nanos, if proven to be broken?

Thank you for your help


For the Nano with loss, can you post the result of “ifconfig”? It would be interesting if you have some units with duplicated MAC addresses. What you’d see are “collisions” as non-zero.

We didn’t have packet drop issue before. Please do share your test method.

I’m seeing similar issues when any of my Jetson Nanos are connected to any Netgear ProSAFE GS108T or Netgear ProSAFE GS105E switches (1000 Mbps, full duplex with flow control). Up to 70% packet loss. Only TX packets are lost. Effective throughput is typically 840/4 Mbps RX/TX.

No issues when connected to a Cisco Catalyst 2960/3650/3850 switch. Zero packet loss and typical throughput is around 870/870 Mbps RX/TX

Note that I have used the Netgear switches for many years, and for a wide variety of client hardware, without comparable issues.

Test methods:

remote endpoint: Dell Precision T7500 workstation, with integrated Broadcom NetXtreme 5700-series
packet loss: ping -f
throughput: iperf3

One each end, after seeing some error, what is the output for both ends for the commands “ifconfig” and “route”?