Jetson Nano loose screw warning

My Jetson Nano has just died. Cause of death? One of the heatsink screws coming loose by itself and causing a short circuit.

Nvidia should have used washers or threadlocker with these screws but it did not.

I recommend anyone with a Jetson Nano to remove the screws and reattach with threadlocker.


Hi jetsonnvidia, sorry about that - please see here to start your RMA:

Thanks for your post Dusty. I will see if I can get a replacement. This is quite a big hit for me as a fledgling small business hoping to one day deploy these in the hundreds.

They have dealt with my request and I just have to keep my fingers crossed now.

Sorry that happened. I have some nuts on the underside of my heatsink holding in the screws, but I wouldn’t trust the setup with high vibration. I was worrying about what happened to you. Threaded holes would certainly be nice on future revisions if possible.