Jetson nano main storage area

Hello.The Nvidia model I’m using is the Jetson recomputer j1020.It has a jetson nano inside, but unlike it, the operating system is installed on its own main storage instead of a microSD card, and as an extra, the device has my external storage.When I want to install the operating system and deepstream using SDK manager, it installs directly on its main storage, but I want it to install on external storage(ssd). After installing, I can move the system to the ssd, but this does not work for me.Because after choosing the deepstream option, the main storage space says insufficient and he can’t download it.How can I solve this problem and download deepstream properly with SDK Manager?

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What the sdkmanager does is to download the deepstream deb file and install it, the default directory is /opt/nvidia/deepstream. You can try to create a soft link to /opt/nvidia to a place on your external storage device and install again.

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