Jetson nano makes noise sound

I’m powering my jetson nano with the required 5V/3A using a power adapter, but I’m hearing a noise sound from the nano. Is this normal?
Note: I’m using J101 carrier board from seeed.

I don’t know the particular carrier board, but other than fan you wouldn’t normally hear anything. Sometimes inductors which are part of the power component do make noise, so I can’t say for sure it is right or wrong. Even when they do make a noise, it is often because some form of glue used to hold it in place is coming loose (the glue usually has no purpose other than quieting, though it might sometimes be for stiffness). At other times it is an indication something is in the process of failing. Maybe other J101 owners could comment, but likely the manufacturer would have to answer.

Anyone have a J101 and hear noise other than the fan?

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