Jetson Nano Maximum Component Height Beneath the Module

Dear Personnel,
We are designing a custom baseboard for the Jetson Nano module. Could you please help us by providing the maximum allowable component height beneath the Nano module. We expect the baseboard to work with Xavier NX as well. Please provide value for this also.The 3D model of the Nano module is not as detailed as expected.

Hi, the whole room beneath module is not so regular, so is the maximum height limit. Besides the 3D model of module, there is model of dev kit in DLC ( which contains the standoffs that can indicate main height limit under module. There is an envelop model of Xavier NX which can be roughly reference of thickness of module and standoff holes, the height limit roughly. At present, only partial docs of NX released, there will be full docs released in future, that might be more helpful to this.