Jetson Nano MCP 2515 + MCP2551 CAN Communication

Hi all,
i am new to jetson nano. i am familiar to rpi. now i have an urgent requirement to interface Jetson Nano using CAN bus Spi MCP2515 and MCP 2551. Please help me out with a detailed tutorial of how to work with it. on the other hand i have stm board with can bus working fine.
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Please refer to How enabling MCP251x (MCP2515) on the Jetson Nano (SPI CAN)?

Hi… I have been struggling for the same work from past few days. I have been following the link provided on previous link. Also, some more link i went thoroughly includes

Topics tagged can-bus

but somehow the information is sparse and not clear for “latest version” of Jetpack.

My questions are 1) Is pinmux changes are required if we are using file?
2) When using, DTB file is generated. how to generate .dtbo file from that? and how to convert it into back .dts file?

I would really appreciate if correct steps can be provided on Jetson nano (b00).

Hi poonam.jangid,

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Hi All,
I connected one mcp module(8Mhz) and another microcontroller board with mcp2551 transceiver. In the dtb i used the can clock frequency same as crystal used and i was able to receive the data using can dump. However one situation is that can send will only work after the 2 commands

  1. cansend can0 123#FF
  2. sudo ip link set can0 down
    Only after these 2 steps the data will be received on the microcontroller board. My requirement is i want to receive the data at controller without executing the step number 2(right after step 1).

please suggest possible solutions.