Jetson Nano MCP Can Wrong ID received

Hi all
After a long effort Jetson CAN Interface was up as given by post shgarg(Thanks for this work). Now i am facing one issue that is there is a wrong ID’s received at nano end when we are testing using USB CAN Analyser. For example when i send ID 0x15C from USB CAN Analyser then received ID is not 0x15c it is 0x158 but when i am sending ID’s from 0x150 to 0x15B the ID’s are received correctly. please refer to screenshot of sending id’s 0x150,0x152,0x154,0x156,0x158,0x15A,0x15C and ID received on Jetson Nano

Please suggest some solutions to this issue and how to solve
Awaiting a positive reply at the earliest
Thanks in advance

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Yes this issue is not solved as of now. Can you please suggest some details of what the issue could be.

Can you refer to below topic to see if can help?

Hi Kayccc
Thanks for the reply

I just gone through the post you had shared, but the issue i am facing is different one. I am using a developer kit version and am able to bring up can interface. data sending and receiving also working fine. But the issue is in receving ID ending in the following 0x B, 0x C, 0x D, 0x E - gives a wrong value.

Hope this problem is understandable. Please suggest solutions.